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Rose Hill Friesians

Nothing compares to the magic and majesty of the purebred Friesian horse. As Friesian Horse Breeders, we breed only top quality FPS/FHANA registered Friesian horses, using only FPS/FHANA approved Stallions. Most of our foals are bred from frozen semen inported from Holland and occasionally from the top stallions in the US.  While we specialize in breeding and training Friesians for dressage, our Friesian horses are very versatile, suitable for a wide range of disciplines, including driving, and they make great companions on the trail as well! All of our Friesian foals are imprinted at birth and are friendly, curious, and affectionate.

We typically have several top quality Friesian foals from our full-papered Star and Star Preferent mares as well as a few select trained adults for sale every year. We also have a limited number openings in our training program for dressage and IBOP preparation. Call for more information about availability and pricing. p>

We specialize in finding the right match between a horses and a prospective owner, and if we don't have what you are looking for on our farm, we have numerous contacts in Holland to expand our search!  From top quality full papered fillies and colts to trained adults, we can help locate the perfect horse for you!



RoseHill Results at the Texas Keuring! Dec 3, 2016

On October 4, 2016, Rose Hill Friesians participated in the KFPS/FHANA keuring in Denton, TX with fantastic results! Tanwen D, Folkert x Teunis x Oege, Prov. Crown, and Juweel D, Doaitsen x Harmen, ridden by our head trainer, Sara Sasso, both achieved passing scores on the ridden IBOP!! Thus Tanwen received her Definitive Crown predicate! She also followed her half brother, Gryphon D's, success from last year, becoming the Ridden IBOP Champion at our keuring! But even more exciting, when the results of all the keurings in U. S. and Canada were posted, Tanwen followed just behind Gryphon's 2015 Grand Champion footsteps, becoming the 2016 Reserve Champion of the Iron Spring Farms IBOP Dressage Cup, with the second highest score in all of North America!!!!

Juweel D passes IBOP!! Dec 3, 2016

Juweel D, Doaitsen x Harmen, trained and ridden by our head trainer, Sara Sasso, passed the IBOP with 77.5 points at the 2016 KFPS/FHANA keuring on October 4, 2016!

Skye D, Ster!! Dec 3, 2016

Skye D, Tsjalke x Folkert, x Teunis, received her star predicate with a second premie at the 2016 KFPS/FHANA Keuring in Texas on October 4!

FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America